Course Testimonials

Join the success of more than 4,000 students enrolled in Michael Janda's courses! Here are some testimonials highlighting the quality of the courses and the real world success of the students.

“Hi Mike, my name is Josh Kwassman, I’m a longtime fan, coaching student, and reader based in Brooklyn, NY. I wanted to share something big with you. Today, I gave my notice for my 11-year day job. And it is entirely because of a coaching session we did back in August. You were the first and only person who showed me a viable pathway to making enough money to leave my job and run my own design business. I implemented everything you said, tripled my income, and finally took a step that I’ve been too scared to do for 5 years. I listen to Biz Buds, I’ve read both your books, and I took 4 of your Teachable classes, all of which have had a bigger impact on my business and success than anything else. My Instagram follower count is tiny, but my business is nonstop and doing well, and I just wanted to let you know that you changed my life. Thank you for that! I just revised my proposals based on your course, it was a ton of work but the presentation was my best ever, and thanks to you I closed a huge sale. You are my guru! I’m forever grateful, your wisdom and guidance has completely changed my life and made my business successful!”

“UPDATE (1 Year Later): I wanted to update you on my branding business. I landed my biggest client ever, a major university in New England, a few months ago and we’re gearing up for a big brand launch. I never ever thought I’d be here! I’m also on track to make 50% more than last year. You taught me (through your class) how to make perfect proposals, how to implement a process, how to project manage and price and have better people skills. I owe everything I have to your classes and giving spirit and expertise. Just wanted to share this with you and say, again, thank you for what you’ve given me. You changed my life. I credit you to all my clients and sing your praises whenever possible. Take care and sending my best to you.” – Josh Kwassman, Founder of Squareast Studio

“Thanks to your course and guidance I just closed a 90k contract deal! I threw my bid based on the market and region and they bought it. And the templates you made OMG, I just ran the presentation like you said. Let the presi run the tempo and I, ran it like you said. I beat out 7 other people because I asked. I remember at the end of one meeting I gave my closing statement like a lawyer. And one of the people there was like ‘Is this a motivational speech because I am hyped right now!'” – Julian Lopez, Founder of It’s a Prolific World

“I’m going to cut right to the chase: I just landed my biggest job ever, priced 23x higher than my usual cost per-job. The best part? It’s only going to last 4x my usual timeframe. Coincidence? Absolutely not. This is the first project where I used what I learned from Freelance with Janda. Since that big project, I’ve also scheduled two more. The ROI? 3,295%. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve seen an increase of 3,295% over the price of the course. If that doesn’t convince you to buy it, I don’t know what will. Buy. This. Course. Change. Your. Life. It’s that simple.” – Colleen Sheehan, Founder of Ampersand Book Interiors

“Where to start? In the spirt of Thanksgiving, Thank you. Your series of classes are wonderful and your daily content is awesome, it has been very helpful for me transfer from a sole-freelance to a small agency. I have taken a number of classes: online, college, and working in agencies. Yours by far is the best, it takes you from someone who is thinking about freelancing to scaling all the way to an agency. You should be very proud. As I was taking your class I read the E-Myth Revisited and really helped me shift my mindset. I geared myself up to do all of the things in the E-Myth book, then I realized you have done a lot of that work. You have laid out the system! You have made the McDonalds franchise model of building a freelance to agency career. I would love to share with you how we have taken some of your tools and made them our own, even adding in our sales steps. Now, I can’t say we are rolling in the money, but I feel like we have a solid system that makes life easier. I recommend your class to everyone I know, I want it to help others like it has helped me. I could go on and on… I will end with what I started with. I am very thankful. Feel free to use anything I have said as a testimonial, I will also be making a series of post about this on social media to share. I wish you a wonderful thanksgiving and I will talk to you soon.” – Daniel Adoff, Principal + Chief Strategist at Dyno Creative

Courses That Deliver Results

You will get results from my courses. They will increase your confidence and generate positive ROI. And all my courses are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee so you can enroll, check them out and see for yourself. If you're not satisfied, email me within the 30 day window and I can issue a full refund. No hassle.

“I have owned a design agency for 3 years and I struggled with the consistent loop of needing/wanting clients to grow my business but at the same time scared of new clients. I was scared of them because my proposal process and contracts did not setup our projects for success. Not to mention I had no idea if my projects were profitable since I was pulling prices out of thin air. Then I found The Ultimate Freelance Course. This course has given me the confidence to actually talk about my business to anyone and then feel prepared to propose solutions. I understand how to price a project for profit while at the same time being fair. I know where my business stands from month to month and what I need to do in order to STAY IN BUSINESS. Most of all I feel protected. There are boundaries and clear expectations on every project I propose/gets signed. Oh and let’s not forget, the ROI is through the roof. I started implementing the principles and it has resulted in $11,000+ in sales. The Ultimate Freelance Course has allowed me to feel confident in my business, my processes, my client experiences, and my services while receiving an incredible ROI.” – Mikayla Luna, CEO & Creative Director of Luveaux & Co

“I am sure you’ve heard stories like this before, but I wanted to say thank you. Since taking your course I have more than earned back the investment. Since September of 2020 I have pulled in $78k in gross revenue and brought two part time freelancers to help while still having a full time job. Your process and tools have helped keep us aligned and focused as well as build trust with clients and prospects. And we’re not done yet! There are invoices stacked up through June with a small pipeline to boot. There is still quite a ways to go, but I wanted to take a moment to give credit where credit is due. It is because of your system that we have had a jumping off place. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.” – Brian Cox, Freelance Designer

“I have been following you on Instagram for over a year and FINALLY started the Ultimate Freelance Course. This course is a game changer! I have been an official “solo freelancer” for about 6 years and I am at max capacity and yet my bank account doesn’t look like it. Lol! I have been operating my business off of pure instinct and talent. But now you are giving me a blueprint and a playbook! I cannot get through this course fast enough! I am overwhelmed and excited for the future as I begin growing into a boutique agency. I cannot thank you enough for providing such invaluable information! Teacher, YOU ROCK!!” – Dionya Kelley, Founder of Dionya Designs

“Thanks for the course – it has already paid for itself in my own feeling of becoming more of a professional and leveling up what I was already doing a lot. I upped my pricing and the proposal confidence helped with that immensely. I think this alone makes your course worth the price and there is so much more value in there I haven’t even mined yet!” – Mike Rohde, Designer. Author: The Sketchnote Handbook & Sketchnote Workbook and The Sketchnote Ideabook. Founder: Sketchnote Army.

“There is a reason why Mike is the King of Client Services! His course is extremely informative and ensures that your business is well equipped. I love how detail orientated and well structured each topic has been laid out. It’s given me a greater understanding how to market and sell my creative services successfully. It’s instilled confidence in myself that I can make a profit doing what I love. Thank you Mike for helping me achieve my dream job and busting the myth of starving artist.” – Lyn Tran, Founder of Draw & Explore

“I’m so glad I jumped in and bought Michael’s course. It’s an investment that I will come back to repeatedly as I work on expanding my freelancing services into a boutique agency. He’s legit the person who walked the path that I’m going through right now as a freelance creative, and he shared every single golden nugget in this course- no holds barred. Just a week into his course, I closed an identity design project using his Proposal and SOW templates- no price objections! Value-packed lessons with easy to edit and effective templates! Thanks, Michael!” – Jenny Manuel, Founder of First Look Visuals

“Your course completely changed my mindset on business, catapulting the trajectory of our earnings to double last year’s already and it’s only been a couple months of applying your practices. Thank you for continuing to provide exceptional content, can’t wait for the new course!” – Lenny Martelli, Support Music Therapy Program

“Out of design school I decided that I wanted to go straight into being a freelance graphic designer. I didn’t want to work for an agency. This is a very difficult time. Making connections and finding new small clients during the pandemic seems very hard. I still struggle finding client but I start every day with an hour of “Freelance with Janda.” It makes me feel like I have a mentor following me and helping me in this difficult period. And the few times that I find a client, thanks to Michael too, I look very professional and the client always love my approach. Thanks Michael and thank you for this precious course.” – Francesca Gimelli, Freelance Designer and Host of “Diventando Freelance” Podcast

“Before taking Freelance with Janda, I actually spent a ton of money on another business courses where I didn’t really see the results or get my money’s worth. After doing the first module for free, I was hooked and paid for the rest of the course right then and there. Michael has a way of speaking where he makes you feel like you can do this! Every module is in-depth where he breaks it down for you, walks you through with examples, and solidifies the lesson with stories from his own experience. Originally when I got into freelancing, I was like a headless chicken trying to figure out why my business wasn’t growing. One of the major things that the course helped me with was learning how to focus, niching down (and actually how to do it), and actionable advice on how to find, nurture, and deal with clients. Wherever you are in your business–thinking about it, stuck in a rut, or scaling, I think everyone has a lot to learn from this course!” – Crystal Kam, Visual Designer

“Done with only half of the videos from the second module and I can surely say that it’s worth a million dollars. I don’t have words to describe how beautifully the information has been presented. Every second, not even exaggerating, each and every second is so valuable. I keep playing and pausing and keep jotting down everything. Every single word is a ‘highlight’. I believe this will not only help us in our business but also immensely help our personality develop: being organised, making friends, talking to people, building associations, body language, etc. Thank you so much for this!” – Darrpana Naik,

“There’s so much gold, I feel like it’s almost a masters degree in becoming a freelancer!!! Seriously, I feel like all this content would have been taught over two years for like $50,000USD at a university. I’m so thankful for this course!” – Sravya Attaluri, Mental Health Artist

“I have in the past, held back from taking larger projects and going after bigger clients because I worried about the contract aspect of the deals. I felt like either my proposals wouldn’t be taken seriously or a flimsy contract would leave me exposed to issues with clients or liabilities. I’m happy to report that this is not the case anymore. Mike’s course has given me so much confidence as a designer and as a business owner. This course is packed full of knowledge and very entertaining in classic Janda fashion. He goes with you line-per-line of the documentation and explain every aspect in a digestible way. These are tried and tested documents that will keep a small business like mine protected and ready to make great work and get paid for it appropriately. Shortly after finishing the course, I used the proposal template for the first time and it worked like a charm. I looked like an expert, confident and knowledgeable. The client even said she wasn’t expecting to pay that much but after seeing how much work would be done for her and the value she would be getting, she was happy to increase her budget. Thanks Mike!” – Alex Villacis, Owner, June 10th Creative Services

“Having been working for 20 years as a graphic designer and being freelance for the last 10 years I wasn’t sure if I needed a course about starting my own freelance business. I’m glad to say I was proven wrong! Coming from an agency background meant that while I had a good foundation in studio practices, when it came to the business-side, I had just been figuring it out as I went. Michael’s course provides all the process and structure you need to help run a smooth freelance business and I’m looking forward to streamlining my graphic design business so I can focus more of the business of design.” – Paul Griffin, Graphic Designer, HelloGriff

“This course is an absolute must-have for anyone who’s even considering going freelance. I knew right when I heard about this course that it was going to be gold. There’s a TON of value packed into each module and each lesson is relatable and easy to understand. If you buy nothing else in your efforts to go full-time freelance, buy this course, it’s absolutely worth it!” – Bryant Vander Weerd, Videographer + Designer, Full Pour Media

“I’m taking way to long to finish this course and it’s kinda your fault Michael! I started implementing some, SOME of the knowledge (not everything!) you pass on and now I’m buried in client work! Time to raise my prices, again! Truly, this was my smartest investment ever.” – Joel Sousa, Founder and Brand Designer, GrowingDesign

“Michael! Please STOP IT! I bought your full course a few days ago and it’s 04h30 on a Saturday morning and I cannot stop listening and taking notes!! I have to go to bed and I sincerely hope the lessons get boring soon as I will not be seeing my bed soon otherwise! 🙁 Damn you Michael Janda!! Damn YOU!?” – Matthys Ras, Founder and Creative Director, Globecreative

“I just can’t stop Mike. It’s like a new Netflix series and you can’t stop watching, it’s so addicting. Like I’m waking up at 3-4 am and I just play your course and start learning, after that I go to work at 7:30 and when I’m back I continue to watch it! The content is just AMAZING! Thank you!” – Martin Kovachev, Freelance Designer

“Enrolling in this course was one of the best decisions I could have made for my freelance career. The price is a steal for all the resources, knowledge and guidance you receive. I was pleasantly surprised with all the detailed templates too! Before this course I was overwhelmed trying to figure out everything on my own, but now I have the ultimate guide!” – Samantha Esposito, CEO of Creativ Wings

“I am taking Michael Janda’s course 'Selling Creative Services' and after that, I’ll be taking up the “Managing Creative Business” course. 

Even though I am not in the design business, instead I am building a marketing agency, his course has still been a major help on my journey. 

What makes his course special is that M. Janda won’t only tell you what you should be doing but actually gives you “plug and play” exercises to put the theory into practice. 

I enjoy that he shares examples from his own journey and experiences making the course relatable and practical. 

I also suggest his book “The Psychology of Graphic Design Pricing.” Once again I would say that the principles taught in that book can be applied in multiple different creative projects.” – Jenny Tupits, Founder of Vivid Creative Content Studio

“Like most creatives I don’t like sales. I’ve never seen myself as a sales person, but when you decide to start your own business especially during a pandemic, making sales is pretty important if you want to keep your Mac running and the lights on.I’ve been following Mike for a while so I knew that his course was on the way and when it dropped I was super excited and had saved some money so I could get it. It’s by far the best investment I’ve made for my business. The value, the information, the advice is soooo valuable this course should be way more than Mike has priced it. But he’s such a good guy he really wants to help other creatives like me build their business. It’s helped me win proposals priced at amounts I never dreamed I could charge, it’s given me the confidence to negotiate and earn what I’m worth, it’s allowed me to build systems and plan things properly. I feel like I’m actually running a proper business and not just doing a side hustle like I was before. I’ve recommended the course to loads of people I know that are in the design industry and some of the stuff is even useful for non designers as I share it with other friends that run their own businesses. Honestly it’s the best course ever!” – Danielle Clarke, Logo & Branding Designer, Danielle Clarke Creative (DCC)

“If you know me, you know I love online courses but I’m careful about what course I sign up to. Mike’s courses are AMAZING. I’ve had a bunch of 1:1 coaching sessions with him and you have no idea how much it has helped my biz, so I knew the quality was gonna be over the top. If you are a creative entrepreneur, sign up for the bundle. You’ll thank me, but more importantly you’ll thank Mike for all this content!” – Pili Fernandez, Founder and Lead Designer, Random Pattern Studio

“I’m trying to niche into real estate data visualization, and bought your course for some guidance. The modules are so helpful in breaking down what to do and why. I just edited your proposal template, had a meeting with a potential client (he asked for the deck ahead of time, which I RESISTED! :-)), and he just accepted that we move to the SOW! I couldn’t have done it without your template or your coaching. I was able to confidently explain each aspect and answer his questions. Thank you so much! I’m one step closer to closing a $6k contract thank YOU!!!!!! [UPADATE: SOW (used your template) is now signed and he paid his $6k invoice all up front! Your process and template definitely made me look like a seasoned pro! Thank you!!!]” – Alli Torban, Information Designer

“I’m not lying when I say; that I have learnt more in Module 1 than I did in my whole three years in University. The course gives you the tools needed to not only help your business succeed but to achieve your agency dreams. What’s better is that you have the course at your disposal to use for life to keep referencing back depending upon where you are in your process. It’s utterly fantastic..” – Daniel Luke, Founder, No Ramble

“It hasn’t even been 24 hrs since I purchased your course, and I already got more than my money’s worth. In the past I’ve always had amazing discovery calls with potential clients, followed by emailing them my 1-page proposal (I know…). After this email, I often don’t hear back, which is particularly discouraging since the initial calls go so well. Thanks to Module 2, I transitioned my proposal to your multi-page template, and scheduled a call to walk my potential client through it this morning. The client was engaged throughout the call, and specifically expressed how impressed he was with my approach to discuss the proposal on the phone. I ended up closing the client during the call, despite the fact that my price was 2x the number he was expecting.” – Joy Tsai, Founder and Creative Director, Simply Joy Studio

“As we’re expanding our young agency I bought Mike’s courses bundle expecting to learn from him how to create better proposals. Result: I’m feeling like a child in a candy shop. This guy has packed an impressive massive amount of value in these series of videos and materials. I’d pay 10x more for it and it would still feel an amazing deal. It’s ridiculously cheap for what you get. I bet you can’t find something that will make you learn more. It’s above and beyond whatever you could possibly expect. Mike’s courses feel like Black Friday on Christmas. I can’t recommend it enough. I feel blessed that this guy and his courses crossed my path. A true treasure. Mike, you are the Creatives angel.” – Rodrigo de Aquino Angelim, Head of Design, RODAQ

“Hi, Michael just wanted to say big thanks for all the efforts you put into the freelancing course. It completely changed my business. As you said many times in the course before that, I was focusing on producing work and not the entrepreneurial side. Whenever I had a question in my mind, you answered it just a few minutes later, haha. After the course, I gained so much confidence both in myself and my systems! It is the best course I have ever done in my few years in the industry! Planning on taking your new course also in the very near future!” – Omeir Saleh, Brand Designer

“I can honestly say that Mike couldn’t have structured or created this entire course more professionally or more perfectly. As far as I’m concerned he not only tops any online course I’ve ever committed my time to, he knocks them straight out of the ball park. Courses of this caliber are simply not easy to do. Mike has clearly put a hell of lot of thought and care into every aspect of this and has delivered a premium level course that’s superbly structured and packed with value. He speaks thoroughly, with clarity, and uses illustrations to reiterate the content and his message. His tone is both engaging and captivating and he explains things in a way that makes everything easy to follow and understand, including the more tricky to tackle topics. To conclude, I’d say on the value alone and how the content is delivered, I would naturally expect a course like this to be a lot more expensive. Even if it was, it would still be worth every cent. This has easily been the best self-investment I’ve made to date in this industry, and I can only say a huge THANK YOU to Mike. Simply superb!” – Scott Woz, Signature 7 Creative

“Michael Janda’s Freelance course has been a needle-moving and life-changing experience for me and my business. Mike is a fantastic teacher and coach, the modules are clearly organized, and the most important thing—all the steps throughout the lessons are actionable and instantly applicable in your business. This course will not only change the way you conduct your business, it will also put you in the right mindset as to what it means to run a creative business successfully. The next step for me is getting some 1-1 coaching with Mike, which I have already booked and can hardly wait for it! :)” – Elizabeta Milosevski, Founder, Elizabetify: Presentation Design Studio

“I’ll be honest, content wise this feels like a university course and Michael lays out the content in such a simple, straight forward, and clear manner! It has really helped to round out my skills on the business side of things and make the transition to running my own creative studio much easier. I especially love all the proposal and contract templates (they blew the ones I already had out of the water) and I have already had numerous compliments from clients about how organized, thorough, and clear my presentations are!” – Thomas Newton, Graphic Designer & Owner, Newton Creative Co.

“Imagine asking someone to come to your house, sit down and teach you for 7 hours a day for a whole week. You then demand that they provide an abundance of resources for you to use at the end of it and you are allowed to film it all to ensure that you can look back at it forever. You are also going to charge them less than $800, that’s less than $165 a day. Now imagine that the person you ask to do this isn’t a nobody but used to be a CEO with 30 years of experience, and the content being taught is planned, considered, edited, and refined. For under $800. He is also called Michael Janda. If this doesn’t seem like a good deal then you probably need this course more than you think. Do yourself a favor and get this course.” – Sam Fraser, Founder, Sogol Design

“WOW the cat is out of the bag. A thought leader and world class agency owner brings the real goods behind running a successful creative business practically and ethically. Not only does this help us, but it allows for limiting industry gauging that can occur in the market. Thanks Mike, in a big way!” – Arif Maherali, Founder, MVMNT Media

“A little review: This course is a collection of practical and easy to understand advice with templates that help creatives. I bought the course and it is one of the best investments I’ve ever had made. This course pays big time back the amount of money you pay for. It helps you to handle clients, set up your creative career and gives a lot more value than I expected. 10/10 Rating” – Marco Reinhardt, Founder of welovestreetart

“This is Camila from Looma Ideas. We’re a creative digital agency that specializes in graphic design. We wanted to reach out and share with you that we’ve seen huge results after watching your course. Also, it has helped us to reach past clients, gain new ones and maintain a great business relationship with co-workers. I would totally recommend all of your resources and strategies to everyone who’s keen to grow their businesses. It was very worthy and we absolutely love your courses and content!” – Camila Ramirez, Creative Director, Looma Ideas

“I got the course and I’ve been watching the videos over the past couple days. Loving it so far. Amazing content and a ton of value for growing my agency! I appreciate all the details Mike goes into, and his ability to make concepts concrete and actionable.” – Majda Nafissa Rahal, Associate Director, Shift’IN Agency

“Michael Janda’s “Freelance with Janda” course is the best investment I have ever made to my personal brand. I have been Freelancing for almost 5 years now and as I work my way through this course I can see already where I can improve my work processes. There are so many gaps in my workflow, that this course is filling right now and I am so excited to learn more. I purchased all 6 courses in the bundle and I honestly don’t want it to end, because these gems are just gold. I have been a massive fan of Michael for a couple of years so I was already expecting amazing things from this course. However, I wasn’t expecting Michael to share his amazing years of experience the way he has in this course! He doesn’t hold back guys! All his years of hard-work in various big named companies such as Disney, Google and Warner Bros to name a few; and we get to purchase it for a ridiculously amazing price! What an extremely kind and selfless thing for Michael to do. If you want to experience something amazing then buy this course.” – Natalie Busari, Founder/Creative Director, DNA Creative Designs

“The course content went from “really good to know – I should probably action this” to “most of the hard work has been done for me” then it’s just tap, tap, tap, tweak, change, and “that’s my new process.” – Drew West, Founder, Drew West Design

“Michael Janda’s classes taught me a lot about the most essential things, such as how to position yourself in the market and in relation to competitors and how to find customers, which is very important to have a clear vision and build confidence. All the concepts are explained in a very simple way. I can tell you that these are by far the best business courses I have taken.” – Nicolas Quiatol, Founder of Nilekam

“I wanted to share another update on my business growth – it’s now been a little over 2 weeks since I purchased your course, and I’ve successfully signed on 2 new clients (+ likely closing 2 more clients next week). If all goes well (fingers crossed), that totals over $22K of new biz over the span of 3 weeks. This is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you thank you thank you. I want to add that every single one of these clients expressed how impressed they were with my detailed proposal and my call to walk them through it. I have a list of freelancers lined up to bring onboard if needed, because if my business continues to grow at this rate, I’m going to need some serious help. This will be my first time hiring, so Course 06 couldn’t have come at a better time. Basically, you’re the best. [UPDATE] In the past week, I resigned from my director level position to focus on my own studio, and hired my first 2 freelancers to help out. Not to mention, my closing ratio for new clients has been 100% this past month since getting your course. Business is growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down. Thank you for making this possible!” – Joy Tsai, Founder and Creative Director, Simply Joy Studio

“I’ve closed multiple branding deals over the past couple weeks at over double my previous rates simply because that proposal was so clean and gave me a stronger professional presence.” – Mikey Herman, Visual Identity Designer

“This course took away all my doubts to quit my old day job and start full-time freelancing! THIS IS GOLD! So much I recognize and the structure is just what I need. I love the strategy work with clients, love the designing and love to build it (no-code in my case). The only thing I’m not a born talent in is the structure and that is exactly what Michael is bringing here. Love it! Michael is king in breaking things down which gives you a step-by-step guide for all processes!” – Eric Kooijman, Web Designer

“If you’re in the business of web design, you have to check this course out. While writing this testimonial, I haven’t completed the entire course yet, and it has already given me a ton of golden nuggets for driving my web design business in the best possible structure I could ever imagine. I was in a deep crisis when Michael’s content on Instagram saved me from going broke. His first course helped me improve my agency game by introducing some fantastic structure around proposals and contracts, and now I have a solid team of 10 operating in India. And now this course here will change the direction of how I have operated so far while working on web design or UX design projects. It has already made me realize my mistakes which probably has cost me relationships, some flagship clients and lots of $$$. This course is going to change that for me. And if you’re in the same boat of operating a web design business like me, I am sure this will be a game-changer for you.” – Abhishek Dutta, Team Codesign

“Simply AMAZING! You will have hit a home run if you invested in Michael Janda’s Web Design Business Bootcamp. Because this course is PRICELESS. Thank you Mike for sharing so much information and knowledge not only in building a website, but the intricacies that go into the entire process. With all the downloadable documents, lists, and contracts and more this course is exactly how Mike describes it, a “turnkey course.” I’m not even finished with the course because there is just so much gold that is being shared. But I already feel like I can go out confident that I am giving my clients the quality, and value they deserve with a clear and transparent process. I completed Mike’s other course, the freelance course and I was blown away. When I heard on instagram that he was in the middle of creating this course, I knew that I needed it (even though at the time I didn’t know what the course was about). I knew I wanted to invest in this course because of the way Mike explains and shares information in his videos. It is so authentic and genuine, and you feel like you have a mentor throughout each stage of the course. Thank you Mike for being so generous with the information you share. If you are ready to elevate your web services you NEED the Web Design Business Bootcamp. I promise you there’s no way you’ll regret it!” – Mary Gutierrez, Intrinsic Maven Graphics

“I take a lot of online courses and Mike’s Web Design Business Bootcamp is the most in depth course I have come across. Mike goes way beyond just discussing certain topics, he teaches the processes and provides the resources so that you can implement the steps into your business.” – Kyle Craven, Digital Designer & Webflow Developer

“I have been meaning to message you!! I bought your website boot camp course about a month ago. I’m not sure why that was the first course I decided to buy (instead of the freelancer course because I’M NOT EVEN A WEBSITE DESIGNER) but I had a potential website client and I wanted to look smarter. So I used your proposal template for a small website before I really even got into the course. And then I went backwards and realized that the client wasn’t a good fit. (AFTER they had accepted my proposal! 🤪). It was so freeing telling them it wasn’t a good fit. Two doctors contacted me a week later asking for help with their brand video content for a laser they’ve invented (they are healing TBIs and Autism… amazing stuff.) they each have 55K followers. My account has been abandoned so I know I have to send over the perfect proposal! I once again used your bad ass proposal template but modified it to make sense with brand and video strategy… and guess what!?! I LANDED A $15k/MONTH CLIENT— for a year minimum. They said they were “blown away” by my proposal. And they didn’t try to cut any costs anywhere (like everyone has tried to do in the past). It’s incredible. You literally changed my life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️” – Vanessa Rankin, Organized Kaos Media

“Hi Michael ! I just wanna say I purchased & completed your web design course. That first month afterwards I made $5000 on my first ever client! They love all the deliverables and how structured the entire process is for them. Couldn’t have done it without it! This feels like the stepping stone to my life changing forever! Extremely grateful, thank you!” – Johnny, Klutch Studio