“Before taking Freelance with Janda, I actually spent a ton of money on another business courses where I didn't really see the results or get my money's worth. After doing the first module for free, I was hooked and paid for the rest of the course right then and there. Michael has a way of speaking where he makes you feel like you can do this! Every module is in-depth where he breaks it down for you, walks you through with examples, and solidifies the lesson with stories from his own experience. Originally when I got into freelancing, I was like a headless chicken trying to figure out why my business wasn't growing. One of the major things that the course helped me with was learning how to focus, niching down (and actually how to do it), and actionable advice on how to find, nurture, and deal with clients. Wherever you are in your business–thinking about it, stuck in a rut, or scaling, I think everyone has a lot to learn from this course!” – Crystal Kam, Visual Designer

"Done with only half of the videos from the second module and I can surely say that it's worth a million dollars. I don't have words to describe how beautifully the information has been presented. Every second, not even exaggerating, each and every second is so valuable. I keep playing and pausing and keep jotting down everything. Every single word is a 'highlight’. I believe this will not only help us in our business but also immensely help our personality develop: being organised, making friends, talking to people, building associations, body language, etc. Thank you so much for this!" – Darrpana Naik, Darrpana.com

“There’s so much gold, I feel like it’s almost a masters degree in becoming a freelancer!!! Seriously, I feel like all this content would have been taught over two years for like $50,000USD at a university. I’m so thankful for this course!” – Sravya Attaluri, Mental Health Artist

“This course is an absolute must-have for anyone who's even considering going freelance. I knew right when I heard about this course that it was going to be gold. There's a TON of value packed into each module and each lesson is relatable and easy to understand. If you buy nothing else in your efforts to go full-time freelance, buy this course, it's absolutely worth it!” – Bryant Vander Weerd, Videographer + Designer, VWcreative

“I just can't stop Mike. It's like a new Netflix series and you can't stop watching, it's so addicting. Like I'm waking up at 3-4 am and I just play your course and start learning, after that I go to work at 7:30 and when I'm back I continue to watch it! The content is just AMAZING! Thank you!” – Martin Kovachev, Freelance Designer

"Enrolling in this course was one of the best decisions I could have made for my freelance career. The price is a steal for all the resources, knowledge and guidance you receive. I was pleasantly surprised with all the detailed templates too! Before this course I was overwhelmed trying to figure out everything on my own, but now I have the ultimate guide!” – Samantha Esposito, CEO of Creativ Wings

"If you know me, you know I love online courses but I’m careful about what course I sign up to. Mike’s courses are AMAZING. I’ve had a bunch of 1:1 coaching sessions with him and you have no idea how much it has helped my biz, so I knew the quality was gonna be over the top. If you are a creative entrepreneur, sign up for the bundle. You’ll thank me, but more importantly you’ll thank Mike for all this content!” – Pili Fernandez, Founder and Lead Designer, Random Pattern Studio

"I’m trying to niche into real estate data visualization, and bought your course for some guidance. The modules are so helpful in breaking down what to do and why. I just edited your proposal template, had a meeting with a potential client (he asked for the deck ahead of time, which I RESISTED! :-)), and he just accepted that we move to the SOW! I couldn’t have done it without your template or your coaching. I was able to confidently explain each aspect and answer his questions. Thank you so much! I’m one step closer to closing a $6k contract thank YOU!!!!!! [UPADATE: SOW (used your template) is now signed and he paid his $6k invoice all up front! Your process and template definitely made me look like a seasoned pro! Thank you!!!]" – Alli Torban, Information Designer

"I'm not lying when I say; that I have learnt more in Module 1 than I did in my whole three years in University. The course gives you the tools needed to not only help your business succeed but to achieve your agency dreams. What's better is that you have the course at your disposal to use for life to keep referencing back depending upon where you are in your process. It's utterly fantastic.." – Daniel Luke, Founder, No Ramble

“It hasn’t even been 24 hrs since I purchased your course, and I already got more than my money’s worth. In the past I’ve always had amazing discovery calls with potential clients, followed by emailing them my 1-page proposal (I know…). After this email, I often don’t hear back, which is particularly discouraging since the initial calls go so well. Thanks to Module 2, I transitioned my proposal to your multi-page template, and scheduled a call to walk my potential client through it this morning. The client was engaged throughout the call, and specifically expressed how impressed he was with my approach to discuss the proposal on the phone. I ended up closing the client during the call, despite the fact that my price was 2x the number he was expecting.” – Joy Tsai, Founder and Creative Director, Simply Joy Studio

“As we're expanding our young agency I bought Mike's courses bundle expecting to learn from him how to create better proposals. Result: I'm feeling like a child in a candy shop. This guy has packed an impressive massive amount of value in these series of videos and materials. I'd pay 10x more for it and it would still feel an amazing deal. It's ridiculously cheap for what you get. I bet you can't find something that will make you learn more. It's above and beyond whatever you could possibly expect. Mike's courses feel like Black Friday on Christmas. I can't recommend it enough. I feel blessed that this guy and his courses crossed my path. A true treasure. Mike, you are the Creatives angel.” Rodrigo de Aquino Angelim, Head of Design, RODAQ

“I can honestly say that Mike couldn’t have structured or created this entire course more professionally or more perfectly. As far as I’m concerned he not only tops any online course I’ve ever committed my time to, he knocks them straight out of the ball park. Courses of this caliber are simply not easy to do. Mike has clearly put a hell of lot of thought and care into every aspect of this and has delivered a premium level course that’s superbly structured and packed with value. He speaks thoroughly, with clarity, and uses illustrations to reiterate the content and his message. His tone is both engaging and captivating and he explains things in a way that makes everything easy to follow and understand, including the more tricky to tackle topics. To conclude, I’d say on the value alone and how the content is delivered, I would naturally expect a course like this to be a lot more expensive. Even if it was, it would still be worth every cent. This has easily been the best self-investment I've made to date in this industry, and I can only say a huge THANK YOU to Mike. Simply superb!” – Scott Woz, Signature 7 Creative

“Michael Janda's Freelance course has been a needle-moving and life-changing experience for me and my business. Mike is a fantastic teacher and coach, the modules are clearly organized, and the most important thing—all the steps throughout the lessons are actionable and instantly applicable in your business. This course will not only change the way you conduct your business, it will also put you in the right mindset as to what it means to run a creative business successfully. The next step for me is getting some 1-1 coaching with Mike, which I have already booked and can hardly wait for it! :)” – Elizabeta Milosevski, Founder, Elizabetify: Presentation Design Studio

“I'll be honest, content wise this feels like a university course and Michael lays out the content in such a simple, straight forward, and clear manner! It has really helped to round out my skills on the business side of things and make the transition to running my own creative studio much easier. I especially love all the proposal and contract templates (they blew the ones I already had out of the water) and I have already had numerous compliments from clients about how organized, thorough, and clear my presentations are!” – Thomas Newton, Graphic Designer & Owner, Newton Creative Co.

“Imagine asking someone to come to your house, sit down and teach you for 7 hours a day for a whole week. You then demand that they provide an abundance of resources for you to use at the end of it and you are allowed to film it all to ensure that you can look back at it forever. You are also going to charge them less than $800, that's less than $165 a day. Now imagine that the person you ask to do this isn't a nobody but used to be a CEO with 30 years of experience, and the content being taught is planned, considered, edited, and refined. For under $800. He is also called Michael Janda. If this doesn't seem like a good deal then you probably need this course more than you think. Do yourself a favor and get this course.” – Sam Fraser, Founder, Sogol Design

“WOW the cat is out of the bag. A thought leader and world class agency owner brings the real goods behind running a successful creative business practically and ethically. Not only does this help us, but it allows for limiting industry gauging that can occur in the market. Thanks Mike, in a big way!” – Arif Maherali, Founder, MVMNT Media

“I got the course and I've been watching the videos over the past couple days. Loving it so far. Amazing content and a ton of value for growing my agency! I appreciate all the details Mike goes into, and his ability to make concepts concrete and actionable.” – Majda Nafissa Rahal, Associate Director, Shift'IN Agency

“Michael Janda’s “Freelance with Janda” course is the best investment I have ever made to my personal brand. I have been Freelancing for almost 5 years now and as I work my way through this course I can see already where I can improve my work processes. There are so many gaps in my workflow, that this course is filling right now and I am so excited to learn more. I purchased all 6 courses in the bundle and I honestly don’t want it to end, because these gems are just gold. I have been a massive fan of Michael for a couple of years so I was already expecting amazing things from this course. However, I wasn’t expecting Michael to share his amazing years of experience the way he has in this course! He doesn’t hold back guys! All his years of hard-work in various big named companies such as Disney, Google and Warner Bros to name a few; and we get to purchase it for a ridiculously amazing price! What an extremely kind and selfless thing for Michael to do. If you want to experience something amazing then buy this course.” – Natalie Busari, Founder/Creative Director, DNA Creative Designs

“The course content went from “really good to know - I should probably action this” to “most of the hard work has been done for me” then it’s just tap, tap, tap, tweak, change, and “that’s my new process.” – Drew West, Founder, Drew West Design

“I wanted to share another update on my business growth - it’s now been a little over 2 weeks since I purchased your course, and I’ve successfully signed on 2 new clients (+ likely closing 2 more clients next week). If all goes well (fingers crossed), that totals over $22K of new biz over the span of 3 weeks. This is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you thank you thank you. I want to add that every single one of these clients expressed how impressed they were with my detailed proposal and my call to walk them through it. I have a list of freelancers lined up to bring onboard if needed, because if my business continues to grow at this rate, I’m going to need some serious help. This will be my first time hiring, so Course 06 couldn’t have come at a better time. Basically, you’re the best. [UPDATE] In the past week, I resigned from my director level position to focus on my own studio, and hired my first 2 freelancers to help out. Not to mention, my closing ratio for new clients has been 100% this past month since getting your course. Business is growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down. Thank you for making this possible!” – Joy Tsai, Founder and Creative Director, Simply Joy Studio

“I’ve closed multiple branding deals over the past couple weeks at over double my previous rates simply because that proposal was so clean and gave me a stronger professional presence.” – Mikey Herman, Visual Identity Designer

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01: Preparing for Full-time Freelance
This FREE course will help you prepare to leave your job and pursue a freelance career or start your own creative agency.
Michael Janda
02: Selling Creative Services
This deep dive sales course will change the way you sell your creative service and empower you to close bigger deals and find better clients.
Michael Janda
03: Proposals & Contracts
I refined my proposal and contract strategy over 15 years and more than 3,000 client presentations and now I'm giving it all to you.
Michael Janda
04: Pricing Creative Services
My pricing methodology yielded more than $30,000,000 in agency revenue. I never had an unprofitable year and closed more than 60% of the deals we pitched.
Michael Janda
05: Project Management for Creatives
This course will teach you how to get projects done, keep your clients happy, maximize profitability, and minimize stress.
Michael Janda
06: Managing a Creative Business
In this course, I will teach you how to manage you creative business in a systematic and profitable way.
Michael Janda

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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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