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Get the exact proposal and contract templates, plus the full sales process I used to land hundreds of website projects, generating $ millions in revenue.

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“I closed a $70,000+ deal today, and I am looking to close a $250,000 app and web design deal and maintenance contract later today. I have NEVER come across this much in my career.”

— Le’Verne Martin, Founder EDDG Creative

This course is the key to unlocking high ticket website projects!

Is this course right for you? Here are some of the things you'll learn.

  • The sales process to increase your prices beyond six figures.
  • How to generate leads and find clients ready to buy websites.
  • The right way to respond to RFPs and improve close rate.
  • How to qualify projects and protect yourself from bad clients.
  • How to ask the right questions and run a discovery meeting.
  • How to scope website projects and price them profitably.
  • How to create website proposals that win projects and upsell your client into higher budgets.
  • How to contract a website project to help you and your client stay in scope and on budget.
  • What to do when a client adds to the project scope and how to increase the budget with change orders.

“Landed my first $30k website project! I learned the process from you and took your proposal templates and adapted them for my process and brand design, presented to the client and they accepted. No questions asked. Incredible.”

— Dave Taylor, Westrock Creative

Includes 8 prewritten website proposals and contracts for micro sized landing pages to six figure websites!

These are the exact templates and content I developed and used at my agency to land websites as high as $500,000. You won't find proposals and contracts of this caliber anywhere else.

Each template is designed and prewritten. You can use them today!

The templates are available in PDF format, so you can open them no matter what operating system you use. The PDFs can be modified in Canva and I also include the native Adobe InDesign template files, so you can modify every part of the documents. (Most students rebuild the templates in the software of their preference.)

“I LANDED A $15k/MONTH CLIENT— for a year minimum. They said they were ‘blown away’ by my proposal. And they didn’t try to cut any costs anywhere (like everyone has tried to do in the past). It’s incredible. You literally changed my life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️”

— Vanessa Rankin, Organized Kaos Media

This is gold...

“This course took away all my doubts to quit my old day job and start full-time freelancing! THIS IS GOLD! So much I recognize and the structure is just what I need. I love the strategy work with clients, love the designing and love to build it (no-code in my case). The only thing I’m not a born talent in is the structure and that is exactly what Michael is bringing here. Love it! Michael is king in breaking things down which gives you a step-by-step guide for all processes!” — Eric Kooijman, Web Designer


Will be a game changer for you...

“If you’re in the business of web design, you have to check this course out. While writing this testimonial, I haven’t completed the entire course yet, and it has already given me a ton of golden nuggets for driving my web design business in the best possible structure I could ever imagine. I was in a deep crisis when Michael’s content on Instagram saved me from going broke. His first course helped me improve my agency game by introducing some fantastic structure around proposals and contracts, and now I have a solid team of 10 operating in India. And now this course here will change the direction of how I have operated so far while working on web design or UX design projects. It has already made me realize my mistakes which probably has cost me relationships, some flagship clients and lots of $$$. This course is going to change that for me. And if you’re in the same boat of operating a web design business like me, I am sure this will be a game-changer for you.” — Abhishek Dutta, Team Codesign


A turnkey course...

“Simply AMAZING! You will have hit a home run if you invested in Michael Janda’s Web Design Business Bootcamp. Because this course is PRICELESS. Thank you Mike for sharing so much information and knowledge not only in building a website, but the intricacies that go into the entire process. With all the downloadable documents, lists, and contracts and more this course is exactly how Mike describes it, a “turnkey course.” I’m not even finished with the course because there is just so much gold that is being shared. But I already feel like I can go out confident that I am giving my clients the quality, and value they deserve with a clear and transparent process. I completed Mike’s other course, the freelance course and I was blown away. When I heard on instagram that he was in the middle of creating this course, I knew that I needed it (even though at the time I didn’t know what the course was about). I knew I wanted to invest in this course because of the way Mike explains and shares information in his videos. It is so authentic and genuine, and you feel like you have a mentor throughout each stage of the course. Thank you Mike for being so generous with the information you share. If you are ready to elevate your web services you NEED the Web Design Business Bootcamp. I promise you there’s no way you’ll regret it!” — Mary Gutierrez, Intrinsic Maven Graphics


The most in depth course...

“I take a lot of online courses and Mike’s Web Design Business Bootcamp is the most in depth course I have come across. Mike goes way beyond just discussing certain topics, he teaches the processes and provides the resources so that you can implement the steps into your business.” — Kyle Craven, Digital Designer & Webflow Developer

Blown away...

“I have been meaning to message you!! I bought your website boot camp course about a month ago. I’m not sure why that was the first course I decided to buy (instead of the freelancer course because I’M NOT EVEN A WEBSITE DESIGNER) but I had a potential website client and I wanted to look smarter. So I used your proposal template for a small website before I really even got into the course. And then I went backwards and realized that the client wasn’t a good fit. (AFTER they had accepted my proposal! 🤪). It was so freeing telling them it wasn’t a good fit. Two doctors contacted me a week later asking for help with their brand video content for a laser they’ve invented (they are healing TBIs and Autism… amazing stuff.) they each have 55K followers. My account has been abandoned so I know I have to send over the perfect proposal! I once again used your bad ass proposal template but modified it to make sense with brand and video strategy… and guess what!?! I LANDED A $15k/MONTH CLIENT— for a year minimum. They said they were “blown away” by my proposal. And they didn’t try to cut any costs anywhere (like everyone has tried to do in the past). It’s incredible. You literally changed my life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️” — Vanessa Rankin, Organized Kaos Media


$5,000 on first client ever...

“Hi Michael ! I just wanna say I purchased & completed your web design course. That first month afterwards I made $5000 on my first ever client! They love all the deliverables and how structured the entire process is for them. Couldn’t have done it without it! This feels like the stepping stone to my life changing forever! Extremely grateful, thank you!” — Johnny, Klutch Studio

Work at your own pace with lifetime access and a 14-day money back guarantee.

A lot changed from 1996 when I built my first website through 2015 when I sold my digital agency.

I’m Michael Janda, an award-winning creative director, designer, and agency veteran. In 2002, I founded the creative agency Riser, which provided design and development services for clients that included Disney, Google, Warner Bros., Fox, NBC, ABC, National Geographic and many other high-profile brands. I sold my agency in 2015.

Prior to building my agency I served as a creative director over two internet divisions of Fox Studios (Fox Kids and Fox Family). I also served as the founding creative director of the dot-com startup in 1998. I’ve been building high traffic websites as long as anyone you’ll find. In this course I will show you my proven systems to craft quality sites, deliver exceptional client experiences and increase the profits of your creative business.

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  • New Project Interview Agenda
  • New Project Analysis Worksheet
  • Website Discovery Meeting Agenda
  • Website Scope Workbook
  • Price Master Spreadsheets
  • Large Budget Website Proposal Template
  • Medium Budget Website Proposal Template
  • Small Budget Website Proposal Template
  • Micro Budget Website Proposal Template
  • Large Budget Website SOW/Contract Template
  • Medium Budget Website SOW/Contract Template
  • Small Budget Website SOW/Contract Template
  • Micro Budget Website SOW/Contract Template
  • Addendum Agreement
  • 4+ Hours of Video Instruction
  • Lifetime Access
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Here are a few things your fellow creatives have asked before enrolling in Web Design Business Bootcamp and the Website Proposals and Contracts Course:

How much of this content is already in The Ultimate Freelance Course?

This course includes A TON of new content that is not included in The Ultimate Freelance Course. You will, however, see similarities in the sales process, strategies to find leads, proposal and contract templates, pricing methodologies, and a few other lessons. I go through these items in The Ultimate Freelance Course, but this course goes much deeper into the process. deliverable templates, design process etc. specific to website services.

Here is a specific listing of content in Web Design Business Bootcamp that will be familiar to you if you have already taken The Ultimate Freelance Course:

  • The concept of “Phased Production” is delivered in both courses. That instruction constitutes 6 minutes and 43 seconds of content in this course and is referred to throughout the course lessons.
  • 10-15 minutes of the 44 minute lesson about “Website Project Tasks and Milestones” can be found in both courses. However, it was videoed specifically for each course and nuances of the delivery are different in each.
  • 35 minutes of sales content for generating leads and finding clients will be similar in both courses (but it was also shot specifically for each course).
  • One of the website proposals and one of the contract templates are similar to The Ultimate Freelance Course versions, although Web Design Business Bootcamp contains 6 additional website proposal and contract templates that are not included in The Ultimate Freelance Course.
  • The content listed here consists of approximately one hour of instruction and a few templates that can be found in both courses. However, the remaining 25 hours of lessons and approximately 60 additional templates in this course are not included in The Ultimate Freelance Course. 

I already offer website design and development. Will this course still be valuable for me?

The value of this course to your business depends on the level of websites you are creating for your clients. If you are creating $100k+ websites that go smoothly and are highly profitable, you may already have good web design systems in your business. However, even agencies in that situation can probably tweak their process with a few nuggets from this course. Those few nuggets that you may not be doing will easily deliver ROI against the price of the course. This course teaches the exact processes I developed and used at my agency to execute on website projects ranging from $10k to $500k.

I'm just getting started, will this course be too advanced for me?

It is never too early to learn “the right way” to do things. In this course I will teach you the best practices for executing website projects for your clients. Much of the course is created with the assumption that the students knows very little about building a website design business. Yet, at the same time, I also teach advanced concepts that will be tremendously valuable to agency veterans. The turnkey nature of the course will be valuable to both newbies and seasoned creatives.

Will this course be a fit for my business if I use WordPress, Webflow, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace or other platforms to create websites?

The course is platform agnostic. At my agency we used a variety of platforms to build websites including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others. Today, I build my marketing sites using WordPress. You can use the course content to offer web design services using any platform (or even completely custom platforms).

There is a course module specific to EditorX where I teach you how to use the platform to build websites without using code. However, this platform is optional and presented as a bonus module, not required for the core curriculum of the course.

If I'm not satisfied, how do I get my money back?

In the unlikely scenario that the course is not a good fit for you business, you can request a refund within 14 days of enrollment. Send an email directly to me: [email protected]

How long do I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access to the content. The content can be accessed through any web browser or using the Teachable app on your mobile device or smartphone.

What file formats are the templates in?

The proposal and contract templates are provide in both Adobe InDesign and PDF formats. They are “simplistically” designed for content delivery only with the assumption that course students will want to create their own templates matching their brand style in the software of their choice. Many students have easily converted the content to Powerpoint, Keynote, or “document” formats based on their software preferences.

Most of the other templates and worksheets included in the course are provided in XLS spreadsheet and PDF formats. These can be opened using built in software on your computer or Google Docs (free to use).

Is there a payment plan for people who can’t afford the one time price?

There is not a payment plan for the courses. To be honest, I’ve really struggled with where to price the course. Many courses that offer far less than this course cost significantly more ($$$$ thousands). I have decided to price this course at a more affordable price point to get it to as many people as I can without devaluing the content too much. However, I know that it is still too costly for many people who would like to enroll. I give away a ton of value for free on my Instagram, YouTube channels and weekly newsletter. I also have published books that will help you grow your creative business. If this course is too expensive for you right now, I recommend that you consume my free and cheaper content to help improve your earning power. My course will be here when you’re ready.

Do you have any student discounts?

There are no special discounts for students. “Everyone” in the course is a student. This is a robust course with tons of downloadable resources and it costs significantly less than formal education choices. 

Can I watch the without internet access?

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform. Teachable has a mobile app that can be downloaded on a tablet or smartphone. Through the mobile app, you can log into the courses and download videos to the device for watching without an internet connection. Check your App Store for the “Teachable” app.

I forgot my password or username. How can I regain access?

Send me an email and I’ll get you back into the system. Email: [email protected]

Can I get a formal invoice for tax purposes?

The course is hosted and sold through the Teachable platform. At the time of enrollment, you will receive an email receipt of purchase. This should be sufficient for your tax purposes. However, some students have requested a customized invoice specific to their country’s tax requirements. If you need a customized invoice, email me directly [email protected]

Can I remove the VAT tax at the time of purchase?

The course is hosted and sold through the Teachable platform. Teachable works hard to stay up to date with tax requirements for each country. While I don’t have the ability to remove the collection of VAT tax through the checkout process, there is a way to add your VAT number. Please see Teachable’s documentation for more on VAT tax collection…

Can I pay for the course using PayPal?

The payment gateway for the checkout page uses Stripe for the transaction. However, if you need to use PayPal to enroll, send me an email and I can send you a PayPal request for the enrollment fee and then manually enroll you in the courses. Email: [email protected]

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