The Ultimate Freelance Course

The Blueprint for a Successful Creative Business

Growing a freelance business or creative agency can be scary. This course includes everything you need to run your business like an agency veteran. More profit. Less fear.

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Get the six course bundle for just $399!
Save 50% off the regular price


Watch a brief overview of everything inside the six courses that will transform your creative business forever:

“This course has resulted in $18,000 of new business over the past 2 weeks. If you’re looking for a game changer, this is it.”

— Joy Tsai, Founder and Creative Director, Simply Joy Studio

Get the six course bundle for just $399!
Save 50% off the regular price


You are great at your craft and impeccably creative. I'll teach you how to build a profitable business doing it.

  • Market your business to attract more clients
  • Find bigger and better clients that pay more
  • Close bigger deals using my proposals & contracts templates
  • Convince clients to choose you over your competitors
  • Improve project management and client relationships
  • Manage your business with less stress and maximizes profits
  • and much, much more!

Includes six mega courses to level up your creative business — 40+ hours of content and 60+ downloadable resources!

Course 01: Prepare to Start a Freelance Business or Build a Creative Agency

The lessons in this course include strategies to help you prepare for self employment including mindset, financial and marketing preparation.

  • 1+ hour of video instruction
  • 6 lessons
  • 3 downloadable resources

Course 02: Learn How to Land Better Clients and Close Bigger Projects

I will teach you all of the sales and marketing strategies I used to win top-tier clients including Disney, Google, ABC, NBC, Fox and more. You will learn to sell fearlessly and effectively.

  • 10+ hours of video instruction
  • 49 lessons
  • 17 downloadable templates and worksheets

Course 03: Create Proposals that Win and Contracts That Protect Your Business

I refined my proposal and contract strategy over 15 year of agency ownership. My templates and strategies are the most comprehensive in the industry and this course includes them all.

  • 8+ hours of video instruction
  • 28 lessons
  • 16 prewritten proposal and contract templates (the exact templates from my agency)

Course 04: Learn How to Price Creative Services and Dramatically Increase Profits

Take the guesswork out of pricing your services. I will teach you the systems and strategies I used to price projects ranging from $500 to $500,000 at my creative agency.

  • 7+ hours of video instruction
  • 31 lessons
  • 8 downloadable tools and pricing spreadsheets

Course 05: Manage Creative Projects and Clients with Turnkey SOPs

Smooth projects create high profit margins, repeat clients and referrals. In this comprehensive course I teach you all of my production strategies and give you my agency SOPs.

  • 7+ hours of video instruction
  • 38 lessons
  • 13 downloadable SOPs and delivery templates
Course 06: Learn to Manage Your Creative Business Like a Seasoned MBA

This course delivers fundamental business principles that will help you manage your business profitably and stress free. I teach you how to understand the data of your business, how to scale and make smart business decisions.

  • 5+ hours of video instruction
  • 23 lessons
  • 10 downloadable business resources

“I bet you can’t find a course that will make you learn more. I’d pay 10x more for it and it would still feel like an amazing deal.”

— Rodrigo de Aquino Angelim, Head of Design, RODAQ

Get the six course bundle for just $399!
Save 50% off the regular price


Tired of freelancing a ton of hours without much profit to show for it? Let's fix that.

Tripled my income...

“Hi Mike, my name is Josh Kwassman, I’m a longtime fan, coaching student, and reader based in Brooklyn, NY. I wanted to share something big with you. Today, I gave my notice for my 11-year day job. And it is entirely because of a coaching session we did back in August. You were the first and only person who showed me a viable pathway to making enough money to leave my job and run my own design business. I implemented everything you said, tripled my income, and finally took a step that I’ve been too scared to do for 5 years. I listen to Biz Buds, I’ve read both your books, and I took 4 of your Teachable classes, all of which have had a bigger impact on my business and success than anything else. My Instagram follower count is tiny, but my business is nonstop and doing well, and I just wanted to let you know that you changed my life. Thank you for that! I just revised my proposals based on your course, it was a ton of work but the presentation was my best ever, and thanks to you I closed a huge sale. You are my guru! I’m forever grateful, your wisdom and guidance has completely changed my life and made my business successful!”

“UPDATE (1 Year Later): I wanted to update you on my branding business. I landed my biggest client ever, a major university in New England, a few months ago and we’re gearing up for a big brand launch. I never ever thought I’d be here! I’m also on track to make 50% more than last year. You taught me (through your class) how to make perfect proposals, how to implement a process, how to project manage and price and have better people skills. I owe everything I have to your classes and giving spirit and expertise. Just wanted to share this with you and say, again, thank you for what you’ve given me. You changed my life. I credit you to all my clients and sing your praises whenever possible. Take care and sending my best to you.” – Josh Kwassman, Founder of Squareast Studio

Closed a $90k contract...

“Thanks to your course and guidance I just closed a 90k contract deal! I threw my bid based on the market and region and they bought it. And the templates you made OMG, I just ran the presentation like you said. Let the presi run the tempo and I, ran it like you said. I beat out 7 other people because I asked. I remember at the end of one meeting I gave my closing statement like a lawyer. And one of the people there was like ‘Is this a motivational speech because I am hyped right now!'” – Julian Lopez, Founder of It’s a Prolific World

3,925% return on investment...

“I’m going to cut right to the chase: I just landed my biggest job ever, priced 23x higher than my usual cost per-job. The best part? It’s only going to last 4x my usual timeframe. Coincidence? Absolutely not. This is the first project where I used what I learned from Freelance with Janda. Since that big project, I’ve also scheduled two more. The ROI? 3,295%. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve seen an increase of 3,295% over the price of the course. If that doesn’t convince you to buy it, I don’t know what will. Buy. This. Course. Change. Your. Life. It’s that simple.” – Colleen Sheehan, Founder of Ampersand Book Interiors

By far the best...

“Where to start? In the spirt of Thanksgiving, Thank you. Your series of classes are wonderful and your daily content is awesome, it has been very helpful for me transfer from a sole-freelance to a small agency. I have taken a number of classes: online, college, and working in agencies. Yours is by far is the best, it takes you from someone who is thinking about freelancing to scaling all the way to an agency. You should be very proud. As I was taking your class I read the E-Myth Revisited and really helped me shift my mindset. I geared myself up to do all of the things in the E-Myth book, then I realized you have done a lot of that work. You have laid out the system! You have made the McDonalds franchise model of building a freelance to agency career. I recommend your class to everyone I know, I want it to help others like it has helped me. I could go on and on… I will end with what I started with. I am very thankful.” – Daniel Adoff, Principal + Chief Strategist at Dyno Creative

$11,000+ in sales...

“I have owned a design agency for 3 years and I struggled with the consistent loop of needing/wanting clients to grow my business but at the same time scared of new clients. I was scared of them because my proposal process and contracts did not setup our projects for success. Not to mention I had no idea if my projects were profitable since I was pulling prices out of thin air. Then I found The Ultimate Freelance Course. This course has given me the confidence to actually talk about my business to anyone and then feel prepared to propose solutions. I understand how to price a project for profit while at the same time being fair. I know where my business stands from month to month and what I need to do in order to STAY IN BUSINESS. Most of all I feel protected. There are boundaries and clear expectations on every project I propose/gets signed. Oh and let’s not forget, the ROI is through the roof. I started implementing the principles and it has resulted in $11,000+ in sales. The Ultimate Freelance Course has allowed me to feel confident in my business, my processes, my client experiences, and my services while receiving an incredible ROI.” – Mikayla Luna, CEO & Creative Director of Luveaux & Co

Get the six course bundle for just $399!
Save 50% off the regular price


Do you feel lost when it comes to running your creative business? I did too. Meet your mentor, Michael Janda.

I started freelancing in 2002. I was scared and felt the huge weight of providing for my wife and two kids. I could design, but I didn't know how to run a creative business. I didn't know how to market and sell my services. I had no knowledge about how to make good proposals or protective contracts. My pricing strategy consisted of guessing and hoping to win. Managing a business was world I knew very little about. 

After two years of freelancing, the burden got too big for just me. My wife forced me to hire my first employee and a year later I had five employees working out of my first agency office. A year after that, my five employees became ten and I found myself managing my agency through our first seven figure year.

Things kept growing in the decade that followed and in 2015 I sold my eight figure, twenty employee agency, Riser. Over that 13 year agency run we did work for Disney, Google, ABC, NBC, Fox, Warner Bros., YouTube, HBO, National Geographic and many other notable brands. My agency won FWA, Awwwards, Addys, AIGA 100 and Inc. 5000. 

While my agency grew, I systemized EVERYTHING...proposals, contracts, business strategies, production processes, pricing spreadsheets, marketing plans, scaling tactics and more. This course includes ALL OF IT. It is the turnkey blueprint I used to generate $30,430,291 in creative services.

Today, the entire focus of my career is to help creatives succeed in their businesses. I've written two internationally published books: Burn Your Portfolio (2013) and The Psychology of Graphic Design Pricing (2019). I speak at conferences all over the world. I share tons of free content on Instagram and YouTube and have coached hundreds of creative entrepreneurs one on one.

I want you to manage your creative business with less stress and more success than I had. You can do it with my proven procesess and turnkey templates. I will walk you through every single detail you need to grow your business. I promise you my systems work. They worked for me and they've worked for the thousands of students enrolled in this course.

I built my agency without a mentor. I created this course so you don't have to.

Get the six course bundle for just $399!
Save 50% off the regular price


After taking The Ultimate Freelance Course you will have:

01: A plan to market your business, find clients and sell your services.

You will have identified what makes you unique and how to share it with your potential clients to get them to say "yes" to working with you.

02: Pricing strategies that will make your projects more profitable.

You won't have to guess how much to charge for your work. You will have the tools and knowledge you need to price work that wins and makes you more money.

03: Detailed proposals win projects and protective contracts that ensure things runs smoothly.

This course includes the exact templates I developed and used at my agency. They are prewritten and ready for you to use to land higher price projects for higher quality clients.

04: Turnkey SOPs and production processes to keep your clients coming back for more and refer you to others.

You will be able to run creative projects with confidence, hold your clients to the scope and keep everyone happy along the way. Happy clients repeat and refer. This is a key to succeeding as a creative entrepreneur.

05: The ability to manage your business finances, make smart business decisions and scale your agency.

You don't need an MBA to be able to run a successful creative business. This course has all the training necessary to help you to understand the data of your business, make smart decisions and grow.

“There’s so much gold, I feel like it’s almost a masters degree in becoming a freelancer!”

— Sravya Attaluri, Mental Health Artist

Get the six course bundle for just $399!
Save 50% off the regular price


More than 4,000 creative entrepreneurs have grown their businesses with The Ultimate Freelance Course. Here is what a few of them have to say...

$22k of new biz in 3 weeks...

“I wanted to share another update on my business growth – it’s now been a little over 2 weeks since I purchased your course, and I’ve successfully signed on 2 new clients (+ likely closing 2 more clients next week). If all goes well (fingers crossed), that totals over $22K of new biz over the span of 3 weeks. This is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you thank you thank you. I want to add that every single one of these clients expressed how impressed they were with my detailed proposal and my call to walk them through it. I have a list of freelancers lined up to bring onboard if needed, because if my business continues to grow at this rate, I’m going to need some serious help. This will be my first time hiring, so Course 06 couldn’t have come at a better time. Basically, you’re the best. [UPDATE] In the past week, I resigned from my director level position to focus on my own studio, and hired my first 2 freelancers to help out. Not to mention, my closing ratio for new clients has been 100% this past month since getting your course. Business is growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down. Thank you for making this possible!” – Joy Tsai, Founder and Creative Director, Simply Joy Studio

$78k in gross revenue...

“I am sure you’ve heard stories like this before, but I wanted to say thank you. Since taking your course I have more than earned back the investment. Since September of 2020 I have pulled in $78k in gross revenue and brought two part time freelancers to help while still having a full time job. Your process and tools have helped keep us aligned and focused as well as build trust with clients and prospects. And we’re not done yet! There are invoices stacked up through June with a small pipeline to boot. There is still quite a ways to go, but I wanted to take a moment to give credit where credit is due. It is because of your system that we have had a jumping off place. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.” – Brian Cox, Freelance Designer

Cannot get through it fast enough...

“I have been following you on Instagram for over a year and FINALLY started the Ultimate Freelance Course. This course is a game changer! I have been an official “solo freelancer” for about 6 years and I am at max capacity and yet my bank account doesn’t look like it. Lol! I have been operating my business off of pure instinct and talent. But now you are giving me a blueprint and a playbook! I cannot get through this course fast enough! I am overwhelmed and excited for the future as I begin growing into a boutique agency. I cannot thank you enough for providing such invaluable information! Teacher, YOU ROCK!!” – Dionya Kelley, Founder of Dionya Designs

Upped prices and confidence...

“Thanks for the course – it has already paid for itself in my own feeling of becoming more of a professional and leveling up what I was already doing a lot. I upped my pricing and the proposal confidence helped with that immensely. I think this alone makes your course worth the price and there is so much more value in there I haven’t even mined yet!” – Mike Rohde, Designer. Author: The Sketchnote Handbook & Sketchnote Workbook and The Sketchnote Ideabook. Founder: Sketchnote Army. 

“Since taking your course I have more than earned back the investment. I have pulled in $78k in gross revenue and brought two part time freelancers to help while still having a full time job.”

— Brian Cox, Freelance Designer

Get the six course bundle for just $399!
Save 50% off the regular price


Below is a list of downloadable resources included in the course. It's literally everything you need to run a successful creative business.

Capabilities Deck Templates:

  • Agency Overview
  • Generic Project
  • Brand Identity Process
  • Print Design Process
  • Web Design & Dev Process

Case Study Templates:

  • Generic Project
  • Example Project

Prewritten Proposal Templates:

  • Multi-project Proposal
  • Generic Project
  • Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • Web Design & Dev
  • Rough Estimate

Prewritten Contract Templates:

  • Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • Web Design & Dev
  • Monthly Retainer
  • Time Based Engagements
  • Web Maintenance
  • Generic Project
  • Addendum/Change Order
  • Master Service Agreement
  • Simple Contract

Project Delivery Templates:

  • Generic Project
  • Print Design Project
  • Identity Design Project
  • Web Design Project

Business Tools & Templates:

  • Sales Effort Tracker
  • Staying Top of Mind Tracker
  • Discovery Meeting (Generic)
  • Discovery Meeting (Identity)
  • Discovery Meeting (Print)
  • Discovery Meeting (Web)
  • Creating an Elevator Pitch Worksheet
  • Three Marketing Summaries Worksheet
  • New Project Interview
  • New Project Analysis
  • Proposal Tracker System
  • Hourly Burn Rate Calculator (Part-time Freelancer)
  • Hourly Burn Rate Calculator (Full-time Freelancer)
  • Hourly Burn Rate Calculator (Agency)
  • Price Master System (Identity)
  • Price Master System (Print)
  • Price Master System (Web)
  • Billable Hourly Rate Calculator
  • Pricing Spectrum Worksheets
  • Project Organization Worksheet
  • Competitive Research Spreadsheet
  • Project Kickoff Agenda
  • Project Post Mortem
  • Canned Communication
  • Critique Checklist
  • Project Task List (Identity)
  • Project Task List (Print)
  • Project Task List (Web)
  • Revenue vs. Expense Tracker
  • Invoice Scheduler
  • New Worry Date Calculator
  • Business Insights Worksheet

“We closed our biggest deal ever at 5x our normal rate. Thanks for this amazing course!”

— Mike Lawson, Founder, Brainstorm Africa

Get the six course bundle for just $399!
Save 50% off the regular price


Build a successful freelance business or grow a creative agency!

The Ultimate Freelance Course is a suite of six full courses covering every aspect of running a successful creative business. Great success is a click away!

  • Course 01: Preparing for Full-time Freelance (FREE)
  • Course 02: Selling Creative Services ($159 value)
  • Course 03: Proposals & Contracts ($159 value)
  • Course 04: Pricing Creative Services ($159 value)
  • Course 05: Project Management for Creatives ($159 value)
  • Course 06: Managing a Creative Business ($159 value)
  • 40+ Hours of Video Instruction
  • 174 Comprehensive Lessons
  • 60+ Downloadable Resources
  • Lifetime Access
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

“Thanks to your course and guidance I just closed a $90k contract deal! I beat out 7 other people! The templates you made OMG, I just ran the presentation like you said.”

— Julian Lopez, Founder of It’s a Prolific World

Get the six course bundle for just $399!
Save 50% off the regular price


Work at your own pace with lifetime access and a 14-day money back guarantee.

Still on the fence? Can it really be as valuable as the testimonials say? I get it. There are a lot of course out there and a lot of “fake gurus” teaching you stuff they've never actually done themselves. You are smart to be skeptical about some online courses, but not this one.

This course isn't filled with a bunch of unproven strategies and fluff. It is my exact blueprint I used to build my successful agency, land clients like Disney and Google, win awards like Inc. 5000 and sell my agency. And after I sold my agency, I overhauled the systems at the agency I sold to and we won back to back listings on Inc. 5000. My business strategies and templates worked for me, they worked for the agency I sold to and they will work for your creative business too.

I am so confident that you will be blown away by the content that I offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Enroll today, risk free, and see for yourself.


Here are a few things your fellow creatives have asked before enrolling in The Ultimate Freelance Course:

I'm not a designer, is this course still a good fit for my creative business?

The course is for creatives of all types. My personal background is design and my agency did a ton of digital work, so you may “feel” that thread throughout some of the content. However, the systems in the courses have been effectively used for marketing, photography, videography, development, illustration, and motion graphics businesses (we did all of these services at my agency using theses exact strategies). If you are a creative entrepreneur of any discipline, you can safely assume that a significant portion of the course content will directly apply to your business and the small portions that do not directly apply will be easy to adapt to your business. All that being said, if you enroll and don’t find enough of the content applies directly to your creative business, there is a 14-day money back guarantee. No hassle.

I already have an agency, will this course help me?

I market this course as a “freelance” course due to the enormous size of that audience. However, the course is really “How to Run a Creative Business.” These are the systems and strategies I used to grow my agency to millions in revenue with a team of 20 full-time employees. I sold my agency in 2015 and implemented these same systems and processes into the agency I sold to and we won Inc. 5000 two years in a row. If your business is doing less than $3 million in revenue, this course will have numerous tactics that will help you improve your workflow, generate more revenue, and increase your profits.

I'm just getting started as a freelancer, will this course be too advanced for me?

It is never too early to learn the right way to do things. If you already have creative skills, my course will teach you how to propose, sell, contract, and execute those skills for your clients. Students who have already been working in the creative industry will have likely seen “the wrong way” people run their creative businesses. Taking my course early in your career will help you run your business effectively from the start of your career, rather than learn lessons the hard way. 

If I'm not satisfied, how do I get my money back?

In the unlikely scenario that the course is not a good fit for you business, you can request a refund within 14 days of enrollment. Send an email directly to me: [email protected] (More than 4,000 students have enrolled in the courses and refund requests are still in single digits.)

How long do I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access to the content. The content can be accessed through any web browser or using the Teachable app on your mobile device or smartphone.

What file formats are the templates in?

The proposal and contract templates are provide in both Adobe InDesign and PDF formats. They are “simplistically” designed for content delivery only with the assumption that course students will want to create their own templates matching their brand style in the software of their choice. Many students have easily converted the content to Powerpoint, Keynote, Canva and other formats based on their software preferences.

Most of the other templates and worksheets included in the course are provided in XLS spreadsheet and PDF formats. These can be opened using built in software on your computer or Google Docs (free to use).

Is there a payment plan for people who can’t afford the one time price?

There is not a payment plan for the courses. To be honest, I’ve really struggled with where to price the course. Many courses that offer far less than this course cost significantly more ($$$$ thousands). I have decided to price this course at a more affordable price point to get it to as many people as I can without devaluing the content too much. However, I know that it is still too costly for many people who would like to enroll. I give away a ton of value for free on my Instagram, YouTube channels and weekly newsletter. I also have published books that will help you grow your creative business. If this course is too expensive for you right now, I recommend that you consume my free and cheaper content to help improve your earning power. My course will be here when you’re ready.

Do you have any student discounts?

There are no special discounts for students. “Everyone” in the course is a student. This is a 40+ hour course with tons of downloadable resources and it costs significantly less than formal education choices. 

Can I watch the without internet access?

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform. Teachable has a mobile app that can be downloaded on a tablet or smartphone. Through the mobile app, you can log into the courses and download videos to the device for watching without an internet connection. Check your App Store for the “Teachable” app.

I forgot my password or username. How can I regain access?

Send me an email and I’ll get you back into the system or click the "Forgot my password" button at the login screen. May email address is [email protected].

Can I get a formal invoice for tax purposes?

The course is hosted and sold through the Teachable platform. At the time of enrollment, you will receive an email receipt of purchase (check your SPAM folder if you didn't receive it). This should be sufficient for your tax purposes. However, some students have requested a customized invoice specific to their country’s tax requirements. If you need a customized invoice, please email me directly [email protected].

Can I remove the VAT tax at the time of purchase?

The course is hosted and sold through the Teachable platform. Teachable works hard to stay up to date with tax requirements for each country. While I don’t have the ability to remove the collection of VAT tax through the checkout process, there is a way to add your VAT number. Please see Teachable’s documentation for more on VAT tax collection…

Can I pay for the course using PayPal?

The payment gateway for the checkout page uses Stripe for the transaction. However, if you need to use PayPal to enroll, send me an email and I can send you a PayPal request for the enrollment fee and then manually enroll you in the courses. My email address is [email protected].

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